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OCL, (OPIN Consulting Limited), was established in 1998 to specifically provide expertise within the IT and Telecommunications Sectors. There is a recognised need, within Russia and the CIS, for Western Management Techniques and Values, particularly for Project Management, System Integration, Supply and Staffing.

OCL delivers its Services by utilising and Managing Local Resource that are able to provide on-going Support for Systems Installation, Integration and maintenance. OCL selects Russian expertise required for each individual Project and where possible opts for a local Provider from within the immediate vicinity of that Site.

The Consultants have all worked in the Communications Industry for more than 10 years, primarily in Russia and the CIS. OCL Consultants have worked in all facets of the Communications Industry and all hold Internationally recognised qualifications. OCL Consultants are experienced in working with both Russian and Western companies.

Through careful Management OCL can offer an end-to-end IT & Telecommunication Solutions and provides Project Completion on time and within Budget. OCL facilitates the Seamless Integration of IT and Telecommunications Systems/Networks. OCL's vision is to converge Company's multi-level Systems and multiple Technologies in order to create one easily managed and expandable Evergreen Solution, ever capable of integrating tomorrow's technologies and applications, ever capable of growing with your business and ever protective of the Customer's investment.

In today's ever competitive Market it is vital for Companies to find Cost Efficient Solutions. OCL can guide Companies to successfully achieve these Solutions through the utilisation of proven Leading Edge Technologies and Services.

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